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The hamster in its wheel

This is a small xfce4 panel plug-in I wrote for tracking my projects both at work and home office. Apparently it is on its way into the fedora rawhide repositories and has attracted a small but friendly user base. My

Xfce 4.8 and pragha

xfce4-squeezebox-plugin update: Consonance was supported ever since 2006 or so and is about to be replaced by pragha, available in the 4.6 branch. Ever since xfce 4.8 was released, I was fighting with mysterious crashes when removing the plugin; rewrote

Squeezebox update

The settings dialog has been upgraded; dynamic attachment to running clients, real configurable media buttons… Unfortunately, in the last year the Player’s D-Bus APIs changed somewhat so currently only Mpd appears stable. Consonance seems to be dead. Muine too.


The SqueezeBox plug-in for xfce4 is almost ready for going public. Left to do is an automatic attach to running players, last one wins style. Downloads: source package intrepid .deb