Hello world!

Welcome to my blog. It was about time for a change and coincidentally my provider just quit from my contract – I was plain too small for him.

With the new hosting, new techncial opportunities beyond static HTML arise as you can see by now – having all the possibilities of a linux server at your hands that is online 24/7 is a very pleasant thing for experiments and fun.


A coder that is slightly older than 'the giant leap for all mankind'.

2 comments on “Hello world!
  1. Haha, Hakan hat eine Website!

    Bin mal gespannt, wie lange ich hier rumgammle, bevor Du mich bemerkst…
    Wo ist der Blog? Wo die AI?
    Habe ich mich gefreut auf Hakansche Philosophiererei, und – nix…


  2. herd says:

    Hallo Silke-Maschine!

    alles, was man ver

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