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This is a small xfce4 panel plug-in I wrote for tracking my projects both at work and home office. Apparently it is on its way into the fedora rawhide repositories and has attracted a small but friendly user base.

My primary use case is that when I write my freelancer invoices to the contractor, the daily activity field is too small to contain enough detail for the customers internal bookkeeping. With the help of hamster, I can easily produce monthly project hour summaries and keep the customer happy without giving too much detail to the contractor.

It is available at github. Thankfully, it has become a part of the hamster project.

Interaction with users via the github quality workflow is quite refreshing, very much like having customers QA in a paid job. It is interesting to see errors and enhancements pop up from all over the world on a software that I just wrote for my own daily use and thought to be feature-complete and error free. I am more of a subversion-cum-redmine or clearcase/clearquest person by experience but now I am looking forward for my projects to be forked and live on with or without me.

The free and open source ecosphere on top of a world wide internet is in my opinion the achievement of our age. I think the medieval backwardists of our age are resorting to violence since they are desperate to see their influence decline in the face of access to free speech, literacy and enlightenment for all.

Life is good.


A coder that is slightly older than 'the giant leap for all mankind'.

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