Well, if you really must, here is some Win32 stuff that I wrote and you can download from here.
Some of this software is also available at aqua-soft, wincustomize. Please ask your questions there.

Audio related


This is an effort to redirect iTunes remote control software widgetery to winamp at API level. I couldn’t find a fellow developer to introduce me to the inner workings of FooBar2000, so stop asking and or whining. Fire up your VC++6, fill in the blanks. ATL is fun.

Here is the binary and the template source for any other player you may want to use with these remotes. It is also available from SourceForge.

I’m too short of time to bother with it any more.


Recreates the iTunes context menu for some Mac OS dock recreations, especially ObjectDock, AveDesk (well, not a dock) and RKLauncher.
Donate or don’t.

  • Version 4.6 – 2004-12-13 – download
  • Version 4.8 – 2005-05-27 – download
  • Version 4.9 – 2005-07-16 – download
  • Version 5.0 – 2005-09-10 – download

Unfortunately, this project is ended as a total loss with a hard drive failure – backup strategy was covering default development folder only, bad luck.

I am recreating this as an XFCE panel plugin at the moment, it is currently remote controlling the Music Player Daemon, Rhythmbox, QuodLibet, and some other players.

If you want to play with it, do a:

svn co xfce4-squeezebox-plugin
svn co xfce4-squeezebox-plugin

depending on the age of your glib and read the README for compiling instructions – expect good results on Debian lenny, any ubuntu, zenwalk and freebsd.



A docklet for ObjectDock, AveDesk and RKLauncher. Binary only. I didn’t keep all older versions. If I find time, it’ll be back with FFT & DirectX.
Donate or don’t. Skins are from Pe7er and Unbe.

  • Version 0.1 – 2004-11-22 –download
  • Version 1.0 – 2005-01-30 –download

Unfortunately, this project is ended as a total loss with a hard drive failure – backup strategy was covering default development folder only, bad luck.

I am about to recreate this one as either a XFCE panel plugin or a python screenlet.

Other Stuff

~Scriptable Multimeter

Somewhat stalled playground for “the AveDesk native desklet format”. Started as an effort to put Samurize into the docks. Possibly the worlds best alternative to Konfabulator. In a few years.
This thing has man-months of work behind it. It needs a sponsor. With deep pockets. In the spirit of “L’Art pour l’art”, excuse my Klatchian.

  • Version 0.1 – 2003-12-06 – download
  • Version 0.2 – 2004-02-12 – download (ObjectDock/AveDesk/RKLauncher) | download (YZ-Dock)
  • Version 0.3 – 2004-04-18 – download (ObjectDock/AveDesk/RKLauncher) | download (YZ-Dock)
  • Version 0.4 – Upon cash only. Only kidding.

These sources are intact and an unreleased hotfix for AveDesk 2.0 beta is in the make since forever or so. I am going to open-source it some day.


Also somewhat dock related. See the link.

  • Version 0.0 – 2003-11-29 – link (dead link)
  • Version 0.1 – 2003-11-29 – download


As the name says. See the link.

  • Version 0.0 – 2004-08-10 – link (dead link, VB6 version)
  • Version 0.1 – 2009-09-07 – download (redone in VC++ 2008)


Currently, an AveDesk context menu extension. See also this thread.

  • Version 1.0 – 2004-12-04 – download
  • Version 2.0 – 2005-03-05 – download


This is an installable modified German (IBM) keyboard layout. It additionally contains the Turkish special characters reachable by [Alt Gr] + {c, C, i, I, g, G, s, S} become {ç, Ç, ı, İ, ğ, Ğ, ş, Ş}, so that you fellow Turks in Germany no longer need to define Word Macros or employ stickers with layout switchers or need to import Turkish-Q keyboards. Suitable for any NT based MS Windows version later than 2000.

A similar .Xmodmap for Linux etc. can be downloaded here; just call it like xmodmap .Xmodmap in your .bashrc or similar. The zip file also contains an identical console map for virtual consoles; this needs to be loaded at boot time or with root privileges.


This is a small XP utility that allows you to turn executables into known apps with a single click.


I also made some source contributions to AveDesk itself which makes me proud enough to say here, submitted a few fixes to exaile, pragha and mpDris2 (all linux music players or player remotes).